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Author Topic: [S] Sindarin Linguistics Learning Tool  (Read 957 times)

Juan Sandoval

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[S] Sindarin Linguistics Learning Tool
« on: December 26, 2014, 01:53:29 PM »

Hi I'm Juan and David Salo kindly suggested I post this here,

A few linguistics majors and I recently came together and thought of ways we could make Neo-Sindarin a more accessible, learnable language to the many fans who strive but fail to understand its many inherent nuances. We decided to start building an intuitive, interactive learning tool for fictional (and existing) languages that can be used to compose and read complex morphosyntax in a seamless way, and we recently launched a kickstarter campaign to help raise funding for its creation:


As you all know, while it's easy to use intuitive software like Rosetta Stone to learn existing languages, fictional languages need to be learned through hard years of linguistic research since there is  no established population to immerse oneself in. But we had the idea of creating an online tool, which operates somewhat like a more sophisticated Google Translator, that can simplify this process. It  essentially packs together a dictionary, IPA, audio-guide, the grammatical rules of the language, and several other things into the same page one is reading. As you hover your mouse over each word, it is broken down in real-time to the right column, demonstrating the root word, its part of speech, and how it is being affected by the surrounding context. It's a tool we think can be used for not only  Neo-Sindarin, but for any language -- to make it easier to teach, learn, and communicate grammatical meaning.

Teachers could use this to easily compose their documents, embedding their intended interpretations/explanations into the text itself. Students could submit their entries to teachers with this software, and hobbyists could even create and easily compose in their own languages using the grammar-rules editing feature.

-- Neo-Sindarin: A living language --

Once/if we create the tool, we hope to invite expert Tolkien linguists to www.sindarinlibrary.com - where we would start building an archive of Neo-Sindarin documents composed using the tool, that can be read/understood by fans with even just a moderate linguistics understanding. A big lack in neo-Sindarin right now is that there are very few full-length documents in it, (and those that exist are difficult to decipher, not knowing the author's intention each step of the way) this would address that issue and help generate much more useful, original material - eventually leading to a wider group of elvish speakers. It's my eventual hope to see this beautiful language (re)vitalized by the very fans who love it dearly.

If you can help out in any way, we would greatly appreciate it. Even a small $5 pledge would help! And if not, spread the word to other fans.

Thanks so much! I'll be here to answer questions.

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