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Author Topic: [nq] wb yeats: death  (Read 505 times)


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[nq] wb yeats: death
« on: November 22, 2006, 05:00:00 PM »

Hi All,

A Yeats translation, for your kind comments:


Nor dread nor hope attend

A dying animal;

A man awaits his end

Dreading and hoping all;

Many times he died,

Many times rose again.

A great man in his pride

Confronting murderous men

Casts derision upon

Supersession of breath;

He knows death to the bone --

Man has created death.


Lá osse lá estel ear

As I fírala kelva;

Atan apacene mettarya

Aistala 'r milyala ilya;

*Lillume firnes,

*Lillume enortanes.

Taura quén meletyaryasse

Mahtala *raxie quéni

Núra óreryallo nattíra

Súleo métima hwesta;

Qualme sen moina aqua --

Qualme Atanínen carna.


*Lillume: adv 'often, many times' cf. The attested _illume_

*Raxea: adj 'dangerous' cf. The attested _raxellor_

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[original subject: [nq] wb yeats: death]
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