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Author Topic: The Glory of Gondolin - the Next Instalment  (Read 553 times)


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The Glory of Gondolin - the Next Instalment
« on: January 08, 2009, 05:00:00 PM »


Here is the next instalment, in which I begin to describe the city using
the Seven Names, the Seven Gates, and the Houses of the people.

Nai elen estelo siluva tielyannar!


   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


*úCenimë nura morniessë, *hlónalórë ar muinë,

Lenwentemmë et Nevrast, Vinyamarello ::

Unseen in deep darkness, silent and secret,

We went out from Nevrast, from Vinyamar.

Ontamo, lamo, ondomaitar;

Tautamo, samno, tano;

Mason, smith and sculptor;

Carpenter, builder, craftsman;

Ilyë I maitaner, carastaner hya óner;

*Turtanor I rátaner *fintalessë ::

All who designed, built or created;

Master-crafstmen who excelled in decoration.

Olorinyanen wilyainar - lissë lindë ondova,

Hilyaneltë *mínavë ontien elmenda sina ::

Roused by my vision - a sweet song in stone,

They followed eagerly to create this wonder.

Maitalë né urda, minassë urcarasta,

Ambo *Tirë orwa, orontayë;

The work was arduous, [the] city hard to build,

Amon Gwareth tall, and steep;

Ondo tornanga, penda ar passa,

Lá ristaina hya cantaina enga neninen Ulmo ::

The rock iron-hard, steep and smooth,

Not cut or shaped except by Ulmo's waters.

Urmótanen hyandemmë ambo;

Ricala carastien nait' elmendemma ::

With hard labour we clove [the] hill;

Striving to make our wonder real.

Ter andë loar vaquentemmë nuhta:

Lencavë turnemmë ar *venner ondo -

Through long years we refused to stop;

Slowly we mastered and shaped [the] rock -

ñOlemma parna Aina Valinoressë ,

Tammaremmar annar Aulëo *Alduyénissen ::

Our knowledge learned in Holy Valinor,

Our tools Aulë 's gifts in the Ages of the Trees.

~ ~ ~ ~

Ela! Lindenya, ondova!

á lasta! Lindalë nenion!

Behold! My song, in stone!

Hark! [The] music of its waters!

Mirwa Ondolindë I arimaira,

Emm' Eldarinwa Tirion órenyallo!

Precious Gondolin the most sublime,

Picture of Elven Tirion from my heart!

Iv I

Ela! Turmenya, Minassenya!

Gar Thurion, Ondo Furin.

Behold! My realm, my city!

The Hidden Place, the Secret Rock.

Yassë aldeoni antar milya, laica laimë

Rimbë malli, landë pacar, *tarweyessen;

Where avenues of trees give soft, green shade

In many streets, wide courts, and gardens;

Sís ëar tauli, nordo, ferni ar alvë

Alala hallë Paca *Hostampossëo.

Here are great trees, oak, beech and elm

Growing tall in the Court of the Folkwell.

Galdor, ar Lierya, alyareltë ilaurëa,

Lië Aldaron I melir ilyë olvar::

Galdor and his People bless them every day,

People of the Tree who love all growing things.

Melavë alyaltë I lostala aldar,

Varyala Lindelohti mir Nómë Ainurion ::

Lovingly they tend the blossoming trees

Protecting Lindelohti in the Place of the Ainur.

Varyala I muina *Uswevandë,

Morniessë tiriltë Andon Taurina ::

Defending the secret Way of Escape,

In darkness they guard [the] Great Gate of Wood.

Iv ii

Ela! Minassenya Gondobar!

Yávë olorenyo, Ondomar!

Behold! My city Gondobar!

Fruit of my dream, City of Stone!

Penlod, Heru I Mar I Tarmo,

Carnë maremma anninquë alastanen;

Penlod, Lord of the House of the Pillar

Made our home in whitest marble;

Lelyë tirini hoserya amaitier,

Melehtë rambar varien oloremma.

Tall, slender towers his folk have builded,

[And] mighty walls to protect our dream.

*Enyalala Mindon Ingweva Valinoressë,

Anhalla caltala tirinion Eldarinwë ,

Remembering Ingwe's Tower in Valinor,

Tallest of all shining Elven towers,

I Tirin Aranwa tarë lassë ' ar mairëa,

Netyaina ondomaitarenen Tirin Lossëo ::

The King's Tower stands snow-white and beautiful,

Adorned by sculptors of the Tower of Snow.

Macari Penlodo, fantainar sindessë,

Oi-tirir I Andon Ondova.

Swordsmen of Penlod, cloaked in grey,

Ever guard the Great Gate of Stone.

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