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Author Topic: Sui Mín  (Read 600 times)


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Sui Mín
« on: August 10, 2011, 05:00:00 PM »

Thus far, the analysis has been that _mín_ means both 'our' and 'we'.
What if it just means 'our'?

No wait, hear me out. There are several instances of Tolkien putting
adjectives into prepositional phrases: _Na vedui_ _Anann_

What if 'our' is being used in such a way in this phrase? That would
make the meaning something like, 'like our own' a roundabout 'like those
of us' ... a way to emphasize 'we who forgive' as opposed to 'those who
trespass against us' perhaps?

I came up with this idea at 4am when I couldn't get to sleep, so it may
be a little hair-brained. I figured I'd throw it out there and see if
it seems remotely plausible to anyone else.


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